10 - 20 December 2018

Atelier 1 - Interactive Music with Moving Images

Led by Gilbert Nouno, this atelier is open to musicians, sound artists, and composers and will focus on live electronics, performance and improvisations with moving images. Through several master classes and practice sessions, the atelier will approach today's electronic sound environments - including but not limited to Max7, max4live, Ableton Live - and for interested participants, the use of custom interfaces - Lemur, MobMuPlat, OSC, Arduino - dedicated to performance and improvisation. For those interested in using analog electronics in addition to digital instruments, this atelier will also include a hands-on 'homemade electronics' circuit building workshop. Participants are expected to come with their live electronics set up and will have the opportunity to perform their musical compositions/improvisations during film/concerts events or in the Madeira Micro International Film Festival. Please describe your main interests and project in your application.

Atelier 2 - Contemporary Music for Instruments and Electronics

This atelier on contemporary music practice, with or without electronics, is for both composers and performers. It will be led by leading performers of contemporary music Eva Boesch and Keiko Murakami.


Five composers will have the opportunity to work with Eva and/or Keiko: four composers will be selected to have a (newly composed or previously performed) work for solo flute (with or without electronics) or work for solo cello (with or without electronics), performed during the residency. This will consist of a workshop session and one performance per composer/performer pairing. One additional composer will be selected to have a (newly composed or previously performed) work for flute and cello duo (with or without electronics) workshopped during a reading session.

Performers will also have the opportunity to prepare contemporary works with or without electronics under the guidance of the invited artists, and to perform these works in concert. They are also encouraged to participate with resident composers in creating new works.

Atelier 3 - Live Electronics, Performance and Improvisation

This is an atelier for improvisation and performance with live electronics, led by Patricia Alessandrini. Performers/improvisers who use live electronics or wish to incorporate them into their improvisation and performances, as well as composers and technologists who wish to collaborate with instrumentalists are all welcome to apply. In the workshops we will discuss, contextualise and demonstrate composition/improvisation strategies relating to specific live processing techniques of instrumental sound, and offer practical sessions for each participant to try out their own set-up and approaches; while other hands-on workshops will offer practical advice for operating live electronics patches or building your own as well as addressing non-traditional scoring practices including graphic scores and live scoring, generation and animation.

Instrumentalists will have the opportunity to perform with electronics in concert if they so choose, and technologists and composers will be encouraged to collaborate with them to develop projects during the residency; applicants are welcome to apply as duos, trios, or larger ensembles, and will be able to participate as such if enough places are available.