During Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Residency, artists will either stay at Estalagem (the hotel hosting the residency) or one of their sister hotels: Hotel Da Villa or Hotel Enotel Baia. Due to availability you will not be able to choose which hotel you stay in, but all are four star quality.


The three hotels are within walking distance of each other, as well as concert venues, rehearsal spaces, and the sea. If you are one of Estalgem's sister hotels, you can use all facilities at Estalagem (gym, spa, infinity pool etc) including the restaurant where we have our evening meals. 

For information about the cost of the residency, and what is included, please go to:

For further information about the hotels please follow the links below:

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol:

Hotel da Villa da Ponta do Sol:

Enotel Baia da Ponta do Sol: